Our Pastor

After serving Greater Centennial Bible for 10 years as Senior Pastor, Rev. Landfair relocated to Atlanta, GA.  He joined the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Children Healthcare of Atlanta.  While tending to the duties of a hospital Chaplin, he met his wife Barbara.  With the union of marriage, the blended Landfair family is now blessed with 7 children and 5 grandchildren with 2 more on the way.

He then served as Associate Minister at Shiloh Baptist Church in Jonesboro, GA under the leadership and guidance of Rev. Robert Taylor. Rev. Landfair is soft spoken and quite patient; a man of spiritual strength who depends upon GOD for guidance.  It is his desire to be used by GOD in ministry as he delivers what “thus says the Lord” not only as he preaches but also through his walk in life. Rev. Landfair’s vision is to raise up a generation of true believers with committed prayer lives, who are walking in love, victory and the power of the anointing of God, and are experiencing a deep intimacy with God which allows them to impact the lives they come in contact with. 

He is currently the Pastor of St. John's Baptist church since November 1st, 2016.

Rev Arthur Landfair, Jr.

      He was mentored by and served under his senior and founding pastor, the late Pastor Homer Price Thurman of Greater Centennial Bible Church of Detroit, MI.; under pastor Thurman’s guidance, Rev. Landfair developed in all areas of the church.  He served as: Youth Leader, Youth Pastor, Superintendent of Sunday School, and Sunday School Teacher he even sang in the choir.

    He later on was asked to serve in secession of Pastor Thurman as the senior pastor of Greater Centennial Bible Church. With much support of the congregation, Rev. Landfair developed and implemented prayer support programs, small group home Bible studies, co-founded the Christian Neighborhood fellowship for church and community outreach with the focus being on evangelism; he undertook and successfully completed a $150,000.00 major renovation of the church; established a non-profit ministry and evangelistic outreach for the community.​

      Rev Arthur Landfair, Jr. is a native of Detroit, Michigan and now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is anointed to preach and teach the Word of God and believes in allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide him.  Rev. Landfair is a living testimony of the life changing miraculous power of God as he was delivered from drug addiction in March 1992 with no rehab or 12 step program, only God’s deliverance.  Rev. Landfair started a relationship with God at an early period in his life.  He obtained an Associate Degree in Christian Thought along with a Bachelor Degree in Religion Education from William Tyndale Bible College. He also acquired a Bachelor in Theology from Union Baptist Seminary as well as a Masters in Religion Education from Union Baptist Seminary.